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Leaving a violent or abusive relationship can be difficult and dangerous, so careful planning is important to protect yourself and your children. Listed below are quick and safe ways to ensure a speedy escape should the need arise because of a sudden incident.

When Preparing to Leave:

A. When you actually leave the home, you are at the greatest risk. It is better not to tell your abuser that you are planning to leave. Try to leave when the abuser is not home.

B. Devise a code word with someone you trust. Something you can say in casual conversation or send in a text message that means you need help or that your abuser is near.

C. Plan with someone you trust in advance to arrange for a place to stay or contact your local shelter to make arrangements for transportation. Keep in mind that the abuser may know where your friends and family live.

D. Pack a bag with clothes for you and any children, write down some important numbers, a list of medication, extra keys to the house and vehicles, if possible a prepaid phone. (Be sure to turn off the GPS capabilities so you can not be tracked.)  Keep this bag somewhere out of sight but easily accessible if you need to leave in a hurry.

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